The set for the brand new third season of 80 Degrees has been constructed in the past month, with some details being delivered by two local businesses.
The waiting room set was designed by Stephen Launay, and in its corner contains the exterior of the new 80 Degrees cafe. This has been constructed by Luke Haynes and his Haynes Wood Revival, with door and window. On 1 September Tom Stockton of Wrap Specialist arrived to apply a vinyl mist wrap to these. Tom is soon to add logos.
There will be a break during September, hopefully allowing for some Beacon Snooker Event to get played, before filming on the new series begins sometime in October. Lost and Found, which started filming last month, will have to be completed in December when Tony Goddard returns to the UK.
The other three completed scripts, plus an extra one from Stephen Launay and one from Chris Wilkes still to be submitted, will enter production next month.

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