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The world now belongs to the dead. Jack retreated to the countryside to escape the madness. Is life worth living when you’re the sole survivor of an apocalyptic event? The human race as we know it is nearly extinct.

Mourning the loss of his wife & child, Jack contemplates his next move. He’s become adept at surviving. But is survival what he wants?

Day66 follows Jack’s journey, as he battles the dead, and his inner demons.


Day 66 is the brainchild of writer/director Russ Tribe, a member of Beacon Production. Filming will continue throughout 2018/19.

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The Making of an Amateur zombie film: Part 1

April 2018 – Creation

Having been an avid fan of cinema since a very early age, I’ve always had one of those niggling thoughts at the back of my mind that one day I should make a film.  This has never gone away – could I direct a film?  There was only one way to find out…

I don’t tie myself down to any particular genre, when asked what sort of film I prefer.  Among my favourite movies ever are Dunkirk, The Matrix, Aliens, T2, The Dark Knight, Die Hard…ok, so far, ‘action’ seems to dominate, but among other films I’d rate 5 stars are the likes of The Sound of Music, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Seven Samurai…

But on that list you will also find movies like, The Exorcist, The Sixth Sense, Sinister, Tremors, IT, The Ring…and Dawn of the Dead.

The Making of an amateur zombie film: Part 2

AUGUST 2018 – Day 66 cast expands!

After the morning excitement and violence of the first zombie shoot, the afternoon of 25th July involved two scenes shot near Day 66 soundtrack composer Mat Hasker’s house in Titchfield Park.

The first was an introduction to acting for Mat’s seven year old son, Joseph.  Helen Warne returned to play Jack’s wife, Alice.  Joseph played their young son, Arnie.  No prizes for where that inspiration came from!

The scene will serve as a flashback for main character Jack, just before he takes on the hordes of zombies.  Joseph only had a couple of lines but nailed them perfectly – no mean feat for a seven year old who, only a couple of years ago, would run and hide the minute I walked in the Hasker household!  Well done Joseph – awesome work dude!

The Making of an Amateur zombie film: Part 3

NOVEMBER 2018 – now 88% shot!

Day 66 managed three filming days in November, meaning great progress was made and as of 30/11/18, 88% of the film has now been shot.  This is fantastic news!

On Sunday 11th November we returned to the property in Titchfield to complete all remaining scenes set there.  I’d been keeping a close eye on Storm Deidre, who’d threatened to force my hand and cancel the shoot.  However, the ever-reliable BBC weather forecast (clearly keen to make up for the 1987 Michael Fish blunder) indicated Deidre would bypass Titchfield for the majority of the shoot.  I arrived early with my daughter Ella and started work on our mock cemetery, including the gravestones made by former Beacon member, Daniel Cook. 

Our cameraman for the day, Connor Cleary, was next to arrive, followed by Liam Low Ying who took on a mystery role…

Very little can be said about the cemetery scenes, as we’d enter spoiler-territory, and we are limited to what photos we can publish!  However, I can say Chris Challis took on the role of a vicar, and he brought along Yria Martinez Bonillo and Steve Launay, who took on zombie roles.


The Making of an Amateur zombie film: Part 4

JANUARY 2019 – Day 66 goes to school!

After a nice break for Christmas (yeah right, I was working) the Day 66 crew recommenced production on Sunday 20th January 2019.  We welcomed nine (yes, NINE!) new cast members, who were all keen to get involved.

The Locks Heath working men’s club kindly permitted us use of their entrance hall, which doubled as a school reception area.  I’d arranged for the cleaner to let us in.  Down went the ‘no drinks past this point’ and ‘Pub Watch’ signs…up went the drawings my kids and Erin Goble had drawn, along with other typical school themed signs and notices.  It only took a few minutes to make the place look a lot less like a drinking establishment and more like a school. Sandford Primary to be exact.

Steve Launay took on camera and we were joined by Sam Warren on sound, and Luke Goble as a runner. Everyone else chipped in here and there to get things set.


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