Following a lengthy two hour meeting between the technical experts of Beacon Productions, the decision has been made to purchase a Black Magic Ursa camera. By a stroke of luck, an upgrade model that can shoot at 4.6k has come down in price significantly. The club will continue to shoot in HD (although this be a huge advancement on the footage from the Canon 7Ds), with the higher resolution being there for potential hires and for the productions of the future.

  The camera body is around £2000, but the purchase of an EF Mount (a lens adaptor) means the club can use its existing four Canon lenses without having to buy more. The Ursa will share the lenses with the remaining Canon 7D Beacon II. Also on the shopping list, which comes in at around £3000, are two Atomos 128gb cards to record onto, a CFast reader to copy them across to Beacon’s hard drives, plus two V mount batteries and charger. The new camera will probably be purchased from CVP in the latter part of June. Workshops on using the Ursa will then take place as preparations get underway on the new “Hampshire Memories” series that Beacon is going to produce. This will be a run of three minute short films capturing local residents memories and anecdotes, plus old footage and photos, of the area.

  Stephen Launay and Connor Cleary met up with the digital on-line editor of Portsmouth Evening News on 4 June to discuss sharing the videos on their site; the News will also run a press story at the launch of the programme.

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