Beacon Productions

Welcome to Beacon Productions! We are a long-running, non-profit making video production group based in Hampshire, UK. We currently produce drama series for on-line content and to enter festivals; run regular workshops to help with writing and with production work; create local interest documentaries and new audio content; and all this is backed up by a strong social calendar for our membership. Beacon Productions has around 50 members aged from 18-70, and has its own purpose built studio. We’re always looking for new ideas and content!


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Latest News

It can now be confirmed that a brand new regular series is soon to commence production under the Beacon Audio
Beacon took the role of Producer for an entry into the annual DV Mission 48 Hour Challenge - which ended
Pre-production work on the third season of 80 Degrees got underway in late September, although Simon Sansbury and Stephen Launay’s
Filming on Day 66 picked up pace during September, with Director Russ Tribe guiding his project through several successful shoots
The brand new out-takes show Beacon Basement, which replaces the long-running The Beacon Files (2004-17) went into production last month
The Black Magic Mini Ursa, Beacon’s brand new camera purchased with Fareham Borough Council money at the tune of £3200,

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What we're about

We’re a group of 40-50 members, aged 18+ and we provide opportunities for community to produce their own films; scripting, directing, camera operation, boom operating, etc. Beacon produced a low budget sci-fi show, The Adventures of Stephen Brown, for many years which was screened on local TV for nine years, alongside other productions such as Doorstops, The Ninth Man and The Parsons. Beacon owns a Black Magic Mini Ursa, a Canon 7D, a go pro plus also lighting, sound and green screen facilities and its own custom built studio. 

Beacon Productions

If you’re interested in production, have an idea for a script or just want to get involved in an on screen capacity, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Our Local studio

We have a studio in Park Gate where we do most our filming get in contact for more details if you want to come on down,

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