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The series was devised by Stephen Launay and Simon Sansbury, and filming on the first season of seven episodes commenced on 1 November 2016. Each episode featured its own separate storyline, with an overall story arc revolving around the regular staff of the coffee shop spread across the full season.

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Day 66 is the brainchild of writer/director Russ Tribe, a member of Beacon Productions. Day 66 is a feature length film based in the zombie/horror genre, production will continue throughout 2018/19.

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#Day66 is an exciting new movie project. Filming is now underway in Hampshire, UK. Follow us for opportunities to get involved as an extra! @Day66_Movie

Welcome to the official season guide for The Adventures of Stephen Brown! Read about the past adventures and click on the links to watch the uploaded episodes! (Links will take you to the opening episode of each story; search the YouTube side bar for the rest of the story).


Regulars: Stewart James (Stephen Brown), Joshua Ive (Professor Brown), Scott Rushby (Charlie), Jonathan Leech (voice of Robo).
The final season gets underway with Red Alert, where Stephen discovers a criminal called Red is manipulating time. The two Brown’s pursue him, but find themselves trapped on an exploding planet. Seeking help, they head to Rubart to find their brother Phipps. Stephen is captured and put on trial by his own people; this is interrupted by a terrible invasion from a fleet of Tubcons in For Whom The Bell Tolls. Stephen discovers that old foe The Curator, now called The Keeper of Time, is behind everything. He seeks total power, and wishes to rinse out all life in the universe. Charlie teams up with Stephen, and a base is set up in a secret Bunker on Rubart. Stephen wrestles with memories from his past, and soon The Death and Blocklon come out of the woodwork to lend support. Eventually in End of Adventures, Stephen chases The Keeper round the Tomb of Knowledge, and uses its immense power against the Keeper. Former versions of Stephen Brown gang up on the Keeper, and Stephen transfers all of the Keeper’s power into himself. He soon realises he is in a position to right all the wrongs, but to Robo’s dismay Stephen cannot stop. He brings back to life old friends, prevents a list of catastrophes but in so doing causes other terrible tragedies. With his brother out of control, The Death steps in to bring a halt to the carnage. Tapping into Stephen’s power, he returns to the night he murdered Telwara Brown when he was a child; the pivotal moment that saw Stephen and his father framed for the murder which set them off on their adventures with the Venturer. The current Death destroys himself as a child before he carried out the murder, and everything from that point on is wiped from existence. An adult Lizzie Brown excitedly goes off on her travels, oblivious to what her life could have been but very much alive. On the planet Rubart, young Stephen Brown turns from his story journal, which is titled ‘the adventures of Stephen Brown’.

Regulars: Stewart James (Stephen Brown), Scott Rushby (Charlie), Gemma Patterson (Kate), Kathryn Cairns (Anna), Jonathan Leech (voice of Robo).
The one-part Terminate-Her! sees Stephen and Charlie desperately trying to outwit the deranged Anna before she can find and destroy them. Stephen sets a trap and Charlie bravely climbs through the infrastructure of the Venturer to seal Anna’s fate. It isn’t long before Stephen and Charlie form a new alliance when school teacher Kate escapes to the Venturer following a battle in Legacy of the Tubcons. Once the team have fought off the Tubcons’ plans to conquer Earth, the trio attempt to take a holiday to Earth. Here Stephen is finally reunited with his parents, only to find his father Simon is caught up with a couple of crooks in The Heist. This is minor trouble compared to the next adventure Stephen, Charlie and Kate face with Network. Landing on the planet Logiard, the trio become caught up in the world of television and reality shows, before overthrowing the channel controller Desiree Lemond who has been manipulating the world wide audiences so she could pick and choose political leaders who would allow her to access complete power. Charlie finds himself dealing with skeletons in his cupboard in Demon Engine, and with the help of old pal Tommy Magus he tries to deal with the legacy of the evil ghost of his sister Cass. It almost costs him his life, and his friendship with Stephen, and after the danger has passed Charlie leaves the Venturer to join the space cadets corp. Seeking a break in The Thaumaturgist, Stephen takes Kate to see The Great Exhibition only for the pair to get mixed up with a magician called Maskevant who seems to have alien powers. They discover he is being tortured and pursued by an evil alien being, who is subsequently given a dose of his own medicine. A worried Charlie contacts Stephen in No Time To Lose to admit that when he left the Venturer, he went to visit Anna who has remained in frozen state on the ship. When he confirms he might have reactivated her, Stephen sends Kate back to Earth and then confronts his former ally. Eventually, Anna is destroyed by scouts sent by Stephen’s own race, the Melastones, who announce that the whole fabric of time and space is being tampered with and Stephen is being framed. A former self of Stephen, now a Professor, explains that some almighty deity is at work and the pair decide to combine forces…

Regulars: Stewart James (Stephen Brown), Chris Challis (Del), Kathryn Cairns (Anna), Scott Rushby (Charlie), Jonathan Leech (voice of Robo).
The Venturer is bombarded with a series of adverts in Package Holiday, and have to out-wit the devious Mr Goodwaller. A trip to a beautiful planet in Maifly leads to Stephen falling in love with the delicate but secretive Mai. Heartache follows when he learns that Mai is fleeing from space cadets, and due to her metabolism can only live for one day. As Stephen recovers, his ego takes a boost when university student Charlie Hunter embarks on a celebratory documentary titled My Friend, Stephen Brown. Shooting back and forth in time to meet past companions of SB, Charlie accidentally causes the Tubcons to colonise Earth due to him changing the course of history. Anna comes to the rescue, and Stephen is awarded the Beacon Award from his own people, the Melastones. A transporter accident in Duality causes a duplicate Stephen Brown to appear – but an evil one. He tries to deceive the villagers on a primitive planet, only for Del to sacrifice his life in killing him. A devastated Stephen, along with Anna and Robo, move on from this tragedy by answering a mayday call from Charlie Hunter in Within These Walls. A ghost is haunting the student house he lives in and Stephen must solve the riddle. Charlie joins Stephen and Anna on their travels, and immediately finds himself trapped in a World War II bunker in The Nineteenth Hour. Stephen soon finds that appearances can be deceptive when he meets the creepy Curator of an unusual museum. An even more peculiar adventure faces the Venturer crew when they encounter Pensioners in Space on a space cruiser! It turns out that the old people are actually former criminals; a mad Professor tampers with Anna’s circuitry causing her to go on a murderous spree. Stephen and Charlie return to the Venturer with Anna, unaware of the extreme danger they are now in…

Regulars: Stewart James (Stephen Brown), Chris Challis (Del), Kathryn Cairns (Anna), Jonathan Leech (voice of Robo).
The series kicks off with a new look in Death in the Hood. Stephen Brown has arrived on Earth without any clothes, family or memory and danger is at large when a gang of Hoodies start killing residents at a homeless shelter where SB takes refuge – and makes a friend in Del. More of SB’s past memory returns when he is reunited with old pal Tommy Magus in The Web of Destruction. The gang discover that a rogue computer is attempting to take over the minds of the human race. Anna joins in the adventure and claims to hold the key to SB’s past. Needing a break, SB and Del, followed by the enigmatic Anna, attend a village fete in Enjoy the Silence which takes on a sinister turn when the crowd are attacked by a sound eating monster! The true secret of Anna’s lengthy mission is finally revealed in Broken Pieces, although not before much hopping backward and foreward in time, a meeting with a ghostly tramp and close encounters with gun hungry mercenaries. Needing a break, Stephen and Del go on a camping trip to Cornwall but soon learn of the arrival of dangerous Crystals from Space in the area, and have to avoid the investigations of The Truth Seekers to save the day. A freak accident with the transporter in Dead or Alive leads to Stephen Brown and Anna discovering a dead body in the house of SB’s step-sister Lizzie. The corpse turns out to be Stephen Brown! The pair have to unravel a series of clues to prevent SB’s death.

Regulars: Ryan Brady (Stephen Brown), Simon Sansbury (voice of Robo), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown).
The newly sex-changed Stephen Brown is eager to get back to her/his old self! However, along with Lizzie they soon discover that SB has made himself an infamous figure in Inversions! Once back to his old self in Flight of the Venturer, SB is ailing and Lizzie searches for a cure. The antidote appears to lie within a planet inhabited by Melastones whose past was once visited by a former SB and his companions Algy and Astra. In The Monster of Lacoste, Robo informs SB that a Melastone clone is available for kidnapping in 17th century France of all places, having been kept hidden in his cellar by Donatien, a refugee psychotic Melastone living on Earth under the guise of The Marquis de Sade of all people! SB’s original incarnation, along with companions Jo and Jack, must undertake a horrific and yet farcical adventure to retrieve the Mummified clone. Bringing the clone back on board, before he can transform his mind within the healthy body, SB must face the wrath of a deranged President Vo, and finds unexpected allies in The Death and Blocklon. It is a race against time in The Girl in the Window as SB struggles to complete his body swap and prevent losing someone very special to him. Tragic events are about to unfold… 

Regulars: Ryan Brady (Stephen Brown), Simon Sansbury (voice of Robo), Hazel Walton (Sally Crawford), Katie Whiteland (Lottie Mortimer).
SB is stuck on board the Venturer with Lottie and Blocklon in Journey to Nowhere on course for the Sun, whilst Sally is stranded on an unknown planet with The Death. As the unlikely combinations get to know each other, SB endures a nightmare dream in pulling his ship out of danger. Remembering that the whole Crawford saga began with Sally’s father getting a job on her 9th birthday, as recalled by Lottie, SB takes the crew back to this event in The Doomed but finds himself at the right time but wrong house. Soon he gets mixed up with an out-of-dimension soldier and a hoarde of blood-thirsty zombies! Finally, SB tracks down The Death in Kaos Absolute but must also confront old foe Kaos one final time. Calling on the help of his former incarnation, SB finallly conquers the evil entity – but the Augury and former SB are also destroyed along with the planet. And it appears The Death has also been killed. Sally remembers The Death’s reminiscences about how he and SB first became enemies and how The Death came to power in Two Sides, and she realises how evil he actually is. She apologises to SB for her actions and the pair at last make friends. The Death and Blocklon mysteriously vanish from the ship. Fed up with all the recent action, SB takes Sally and Lottie to Carfakus for a wintry holiday only for them to get caught up with The Return of the Snow Queen. The evil Queen is unfrozen by a group of eager rebels hoping the icon will overpower the planet’s dull government. They realise too late how corrupt she is, but SB along with old friends Moley and Grunk manage to refreeze her, and the rebel Lirma blasts her ice form to pieces. Returning Sally back home on Earth, SB and Lottie decide to spend some time with Lizzie only to fall foul of ambitiious young mgaician Tommy Magus in The Rise of Capriquarius. Tommy steals SB’s magic ring and unleashes its powers; SB and Lizzie overpower him and the ring is drained of all its powers. To SB’s delight, Lizzie elects to rejoin him on his travels, although its not long before they fall into new adventure in War of the Words. Lottie meets and falls in love with H G Wells, while a weakening SB and Lizzie dodge Tubcons in 1930s Britain. The split up travellers are eventually reunited but Lottie decides to settle back in London, 1889, wiith her new love interest. Lizzie leaves SB for barely minutes but comes back to find him a changed person – he has seemingly transformed into a woman!

Regulars: Ryan Brady (Stephen Brown), Ben Johnson (Algy), Simon Sansbury (voice of Robo), Hazel Walton (Sally Crawford), Scott Cook (Max Crawford), Katie Whiteland (Lottie Mortimer).
SB and Algy spend time in a haunted house in The Haunted Child with new companions Max and Sally and soon uncover a man with a mysterious past; Harry Price wants to stop the evil manifestation of the ghost of his father causing havoc and persuades SB to take him back iin time but causing the death of his real father causes his own termination. Algy has to make the biggest decision of his life in The Legend when he faces leaving the Venturer to become leader of the tribe of Aquila. As it turns out, his fate is already decided and a painful separation takes place for Stephen.
  Stephen’s step-sister Lizzie has to deal with a case of Blind Rage when her close friend is the victim of assault at the local youth centre. It turns out to be the centre’s own manager, Dave, and Max comes to the rescue in the nick of time. Lizzie passes on a letter to SB which has attached a newspaper clipping dated from 1888 suggesting that SB was Jack the Ripper. SB investigates and discovers The Death and his female sidekick Doherty are up to no good. A fight atop a cliffface leads to Doherty’s death and The Death goes mad. Along the way, SB befriends Victorian orphan Lottie and welcomes her to join his travels.
  During her travels on the Venturer, Sally has slowly pieced together clues surrounding her father death and soon uncovers the truth that Stephen killled her father, Crawford. Her bitterness to SB increases in Shadow Revelation when Max is accidentally sucked into another dimension through a freak transporter accident caused by the psychic alien race the Evlioths. SB defeats them, but has to deal with the wrath of Sally. After earning repairs to the Venturer by each working in a casino in A Dice with Death, only to find out the casino set-up is a vendetta to kill off war criminals by the insane dealer, Sally turns on Stephen and Lottie and welcomes aboard The Death and Blocklon, her new allies. However, unknown to all of them is the unexpected appearance of Max; he has been taken over by Kaos who has used his body to gain access into real space. The Death and Sally escape in the transporter, but “Max/Kaos” injures SB, Lottie, Robo and reluctant companion Blocklon before setting the ships co-ordinates into a course into the Sun…


Regulars: Ryan Brady (Stephen Brown), Jeremy Field / Simon Sansbury (voice of Robo), Ben Johnson (Algy), Sarah Wright (Harri).
SB and The Death are Stranded on an alien planet inhabited by curious and suspicious tribes who sing praise to their God: the Tubcons! SB is eventually reunited with Algy and Harri, who have to get used to the new look SB, and they deal with the threat of the Tubcons. The Death changes allegiance and is once more on the opposite side to his brother. The story follows him in A Date With Death as he deals with living on the planet, develops a relationship with a female bounty hunter and cuts a deal with an unsavoury group of businessmen before escaping in his ship with Blocklon.
  A mayday call from former companion Astra brings them back to Alpha Centuria in Unforgiven where a silent killer turns out to be old foe Anden Bel-Uthwe. He is intending to cause a political uprising, and working alongside him is Astra! She sees the right path eventually and blows herself and Anden to pieces. Distraught from this, and with her friendship with Stephen wrecked, Harri elects to stay home. So Stephen and Algy travel as a duo to unravel the harm caused by The Corporation on Algy’s tribe. His mother is poorly, while a businessman called Crawford tries to wipe out the Tribe. Stephen is forced to shoot him down in the end, while Algy’s leader Aaron dies from a fever. Stephen and Algy discover that a virus has spread through several scientists in Sins of our Father, and that the cure was right under their very noses. The planet Aurora is their next destination; a planet in turmoil with its surface dwellers wanting to dig down and discover the mystical God Gaia – a mistake which costs them and their planet dearly. Stephen and Algy find stowaways Max and Sally Crawford aboard the Venturer on their return…
 (The 2007 season began with a 20th anniversary special called 20:20 Vision which reunited past SB’s and companions. This is non-canon).


Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Jeremy Field (voice of Robo), Ben Johnson (Algy), Sarah Wright (Harri).
SB and The Death confront Kaos in the final part of Kaos Theory but the powerful being is transported to another dimension – taking The Death as a prisoner with him. SB, Harri and Algy next arrive on a planet taken over by zombies in Lazarus. A virus has sent everyone into this state and SB and a band of rebels have to defeat them. A trip to the planet Zenith in Silicon Smiles reunites SB with old friends Moley and Grunk, and the team soon discover something strange is going on. Women have been outlawed, and the men spend their time laughing at nonsense in bars and clubs. The Tubcons have removed the testosterone from the men in a bid to invade a weakened planet – SB reverses the trick to overpower the Tubcons.
  The Venturer drops its crew off on Earth during the middle ages where they meet The Changeling, a shape-shifting alien that has inflitrated an innocent community. A local witch, a similar being, aids a battle against the changeling, helped and overseen by the Sentinel (last seen in “Phase Shift”). Arriving on the planet Elphia in Rebellion, the trio find the planet taken over by CDR robots and their inventor Kenro Pedriche, a madman who wants total domination over the entire planet. SB confronts him and wins through.
  (Usually screened in this slot is Yuletide Fever. It is the Christmas Special and is different in style to the SB format, including the cast singing, and is not viewed as being canon.) In Kaos Effect, Stephen learns that his old foe is being kept at bay by a super being called The Augury; this is a deaf and mute figure who speaks only through a girl. Kaos escapes and swaps bodies with Stephen. He manages to get onto the Venturer but in sucking away the energy from Algy and Harri is weakened by a virus that Harri has been suffering from. Following a violent tussle, Stephen and Kaos swap back bodies and SB traps Kaos on the Venturer which is set to self destruct. Stephen has lost his ship, and his own body is fading away. Quick thinking, the girl swaps his body with that of the Augury’s. The former Augury is now able to move normally and possesses certain powers – the new look Stephen Brown sits up and almost immediately is reunited with The Death.

Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Jeremy Field (voice of Robo), Ben Johnson (Algy), Emma Giles (Astra), Sarah Wright (Harri).
With his mission over, Stephen has the process reversed so he returns to his former self in Birds of Prey. He, Astra and Algy soon meet up with explorer Walter Buckley on Earth who is trying to discover the truth of the Great Egg of Aquila, the tribal monument sacred to Algy’s tribe. Algy reunites with his mother while Stephen and Walter solve the mystery – or so they think… Robo is acting strangely in Shutdown and has contracted a virus. He tries to take over control of the Venturer by closing life support systems down, but Stephen and co manage to repair him.
  The trio go back to the 1970s in Insanity and dress up in the fashions and watch T Rex perform. Children are being taken over by mystery blue pills designed by a mad Professor under the watchful eye of none other than The Death. Algy and Astra are taken prisoner but Stephen and the local Police end the trouble. Harmony doesn’t last long however when Astra is recalled to her home planet Alpha Centuria to go on trial for The Sunspear Incident. When she first met Stephen and Algy, she had been involved in a space battle and had apparently shot down the President’s ship by accident. Stephen finds evidence through Astra’s cousin Harri that this was a set up, and the perpetrators are imprisoned. Astra decides to remain at home, and Harri readily takes her place on the Venturer.
  Its back to the Victorian era for our intrepid adventurers in Jigsaw where they solve a murder mystery involving the cast of a local theatre company. The jealous mother of the lead actor is behind the crimes. Stephen takes a holiday on his own in The Silent Killer leaving Algy and Harri to deal with problems on a planet with political issues. He turns up in time to help them overthrown a self-obsessed dictator. The crew face their biggest enemy in Kaos Theory when they discover The Death who has been injured by a great force called Kaos. He has regained human form but wants access to a greater power through the Kaos book. During a thrilling battle, Kaos informs Stephen Brown and The Death that they are both brothers…

Regulars: Chris Wilkes / Matthew Lambourne (Stephen Brown), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown), Jimmy Bennett (Nick Wilkes), Jeremy Field (voice of Robo), Ben Johnson (Algy), Emma Giles (Astra).
Both Stephen and The Death are chosen for mind experiments in Selection by a strange man called Dorras. He warns them to prepare for the future. Stephen is recalled to his home planet Rubart where the President informs him that the Tubcons are approaching to gain access to the keys of the Tomb of Knowledge. Stephen’s task is to search for the four missing keys and bring them back to Rubart. Stephen, Lizzie and Jimmy begin their mission in The Enemy Within and uncover a drug trafficing scheme organised by Stephen’s real mother, Callda. She is killed in the battle to stop the scam, and Stephen is infected by a deadly poison. Dying, he is placed into a Molecular Regenerator by the President and transformed into literally a new man.
  The new-look Stephen takes his companions to Earth, 1900 to find the next key in Mysteries of the Deep. Ships have been drawn into the rocks by a lighthouse by a strange power source which turns out to be the key. Stephen has to get to the key before a bunch of greedy pirates get their hands on it. The next destination is an unknown planet suffering time lapses and a Phase Shift. Jimmy befriends an ethereal figure called Sentinel who  says Jimmy’s fate was to die during the London Blitz; for time to run smoothly he must give up his life to find the next key. A distraught Stephen and Lizzie send the body of their friend into space; they spend time on Spacestation Ceta Marcus in The Space Kingdom to recover from their loss, and search for the next key. It is hidden within the cargo of the rusting hulk; the passengers believe it to be a luxury liner due to the influence of the smuggling Captain. Stephen and Lizzie collect the key and two new companions: trapped primitive Algy, and battle weary but enigmatic Astra.
  Its off to France for the quartet to find the final key which is at the bottom of a swamp next to a Mansion in Le Mort Noir. Lizzie gets mixed up with some Nazis, Algy falls in love with a maid and Stephen gets drunk, but finally they get hold of the key ready to return to Rubart in time for The Tubcon Invasion. The Death joins the battle and at one point the President fears it is the end of his life and of Rubart. Stephen saves the day by blowing up the Tubcon ship, The Death is defeated once again and Lizzie elects to stay behind to work within the History section of Rubart. Steohen, Algy and Astra sadly leave Lizzie to her new life.


Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown), Stephen Launay (voice of Robo), Jimmy Bennett (Nick Wilkes).
Stephen and his new companion Jimmy are spending time with SB’s grandmother in Parallel Problems when he senses the influence of Melagnite. This highly explosive force has landed on Earth during a meteorite storm and the race is on to transport it into space before it blows the Earth up. Despite the intentions of two misguided brothers, the Melagnite is disposed off, and to Stephen’s delight Lizzie turns up to continue her adventures. In Terror on the Moon, the trio discover the Terricins are back up to no good, with new plans to destroy the Moon. Stephen defeats the leader while Lizzie and Jimmy assist Moonbase to destroy the Terricin ship. An android gone mad causes political problems in Synthetic Sunrise, where Jimmy is accused of murder and no-one is sure who is on the side of good. Two detectives help in thwarting the plot of the synthetics.
  The Venturer crew run into The Death in Planet of Fear where he is taken control of a civilisation and banned all reading and learning. He wants to brainwash the people but Stephen and co once again prevent him from finding success. Travelling back to Earth in the early 1900s, Stephen, Lizzie and Jimmy befriend Georgina Mallory and help her unravel The Mallory Mystery. A family feud has led to mysterious and unexplained deaths in the family, but Stephen soon unmasks the true murderer, Georgina’s half-brother.
  The season finale is Resurrection, based on the planet Kronya VI. Two theatre owners have found a Tubcon in the local museum and use it for their act, only for it to reactivate and signal other Tubcons in for an attack. A peace conference being held on the planet is disrupted when Savdro kills the delegates but Stephen and his companions lead an assault to defeat their robotic rivals.


Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown), Stephen Launay (voice of Robo), Jo Hearn (Emma Tatsfield), Jeni Notley (Sarah Rickson).
Stephen, Lizzie and Emma return to Zara in Attack of the Tubcons to find Savdro long dead and the Tubcons trying to take over the neighbouring Ulasian planets. Lizzie and Emma aid a rebellion while Stephen’s mind is taken over. He recovers in time for the emotional Colony of the Devils. Carrying out repairs on the Venturer on a distant planet are none other than Emma’s real parents. Following a dangerous adventure with megalomaniac Daktarin who wants to take over the Earth, Emma witnesses the death of old friend The One. She decides she wants to go home, and bids a tearful farewell to Stephen, who is devastated at the loss.
  Stephen and Lizzie recover by spending time with their grandmother on Earth, but soon discover that extreme anti-social behaviour in the local area is centralised at the nearby school since the introduction of its new caretaker, Mr Mortice aka The Death! In Retribution he wants to take over the minds of children to overturn education and plunge the country in turmoil. He is arrested by space detective Simon Burson for the murder of an Ambassador on the planet Adeedus; the daughter of the Ambassador, Sarah, befriends Lizzie and stowsaway aboard the Venturer. Following a horrifying journey through a vicious asteroid storm in Shockwaves, Sarah is welcomed aboard. Stephen takes his companions to the time of the moon landings in 1969, but they find out that the Terricins have got their first in Moonshot. Their intention is to destroy the Moon with explosives which will then alter the climate on Earth, weakening it ready for invasion. Stephen destroys the Terricin ship and history can continue on course.
  Troube is afoot in Revenge for Denjar when a builder called Harrison who is working on Stephen’s parents house turns out to be Vorshak, sole survivor of the Denjar tribe who were wiped out for their crimes by Stephen’s own people the Melastone. Vorshak wants revenge by killing Stephen and Simon, but in removing his protective mask he shrivels up from the heat of the sun. An epic battle takes place in The Deed when Stephen, Lizzie and Sarah uncover a plot from Savdro and the Tubcons to plant a signal within Halley’s Comet to lead a huge army to attack Earth. Stephen steals the plans and a chase takes place between the Venturer and the Tubcons to locations such as a 1970s party, the wild west, an old theatre and the time of the cavemen. The Death gets involved and in the end he defeats Savdro. Stephen refuses to make peace with his old rival, and is saddened when Lizzie decides to give up her travels to remain at her parents house.

Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown), Stephen Launay (voice of Robo), Jo Hearn (Emma Tatsfield). 
The Death and Blocklon get up to their old tricks in The Slugs Invade; they steal a formula that enlarges things and accidentally spill it on some slugs. They grow to the size of a house and terrorise the countryside before Stephen uses himself as bait to draw the monsters into the salty sea water which kills them. The Venturer team then travel to Earth, 2120 to find it desolate due to an attack by The Terricins. They go back in time to the point of the invasion and prevent it from happening; they discover that the Terricins were seeking their God, an underwater sea creature known to us as the Loch Ness Monster! No sooner have they finished that adventure when Stephen is whisked away to Rubart to face a Court Case. He stands on trial for the murder of his brother, but it is later revealed that The Death was behind the murder of Telwara.
  Stephen, Lizzie and Emma take a trip back to the Victorian era on Earth and are soon attracted to the tourist trap that is The Caves of Doom. Within the caves is a terrifying monster that is killing local people; the monster belongs to Joe Nickson who Stephen met during “Planet of Slaves”. Once our heroes have defeated Joe and his pet, they face The Death once more in Deceptions of the Past. The Death aims to steal a valuable rock, while the shape shifting man The One, who is known to Emma from her past, also proves to be a problem. Lizzie notices the growing relationship between Stephen and Emma.
  The trio head to the planet Zara in Operation: Tubcons to find it brutally under attack from mad creator Savdro and his race of robots, the Tubcons. Stephen and co assist the Zarasians in a revolution against the droids, but Stephen realises that he will probably have to fight the Tubcons again. He takes his companions to the ice world of Carfakus next where they meet rascally duo Moley and Grunk. They accidentally raise the heat in a memorial cavern and release The Snow Queen, an evil dictator who ruled Carfakus many years before and was frozen alive for her crimes. She is soon refrozen when she tries to reassert her power. Stephen and Emma give into their feelings, but it is a love that’s future is doomed…


Regulars: Chris Wilkes (Stephen Brown), Sarah Miatt (Lizzie Brown), Stephen Launay (voice of Robo), Jo Hearn (Emma Tatsfield). 
Start of Adventures introduces us to Stephen Brown living on Earth with his father, step-mother and step-sister Lizzie, but their harmony is soon wrecked when old villain The Death turns up. The truth behind SB and his father, that they are Melastones from the planet Rubart escaped to Earth because SB was wrongly accused of murdering his brother, is revealed and SB soon uncovers the ship that brought him and Simon Brown to Earth. Aboard the Venturer, Lizzie accidentally sends herself and SB back in time to the era of The Cavemen, followed by The Death and his hypnotised human slave Blocklon. The Death tries to change the pattern of time by showing the tribe inventions from the future.
  Having won that battle, SB and Lizzie find themselves trespassing the law against space travel and SB is thrown into The Time Prison where he soon meets Einstein, Newton – and The Death once more! The Death is keen on SB being banished forever but lets slip his plans to the court officials. SB and Lizzie leave with a new addition to the crew: Emma. After being locked into a battle with a bunch of space pirates in Isolation and spending a while trapped on the Venturer until overpowering the bandits, the trio take a holiday on Rata in Android World. They soon discover that all the females of the race are robots under the control of powermad Commander Stengros. Emma joins a team of freedom fighters and Stengros and his army of androids are defeated.
  Trying for another holiday in Manics, Emma is blamed for the murder of one of the colonists and SB gets himself into a scrape with an unsavoury bunch of mercenaries. Things become even worse in Planet of Slaves, where the crew discover that the payment for repairs to the Venturer is one of them volunteering to work in a slave camp. SB and Lizzie unravel the political conspiracies and the camp is closed forever under new planetary leadership.

A drama series based on a debt-collecting organisation called Doorstops, fifteen episodes across five seasons followed the working pressures of Rita Coleshaw and her boss Doug Banks.

  The opening episode, back in 2001, Enter Rita , began with Rita suffering domestic violence and eventually getting her life back on track by joining the company.

  Over the next few years, we followed her relationships with her rather eccentric and at times tragic set of customers, as well as the tensions within the Doorstops office.

  The show ended in 2013 with Last Call.

The Ninth Man was a gritty drama series produced by Beacon Productions between 2009 and 2011.

It focused on the challenges faced by Robert Jameson, who has just been released from a ten year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. He is now out for revenge, and to seek the people who set him up.

Five stories were produced, beginning with The End.

The Parsons was an anarchic, comedy/soap produced by Beacon Productions between 2005 and 2007.

  The show was a spin-off from the clubs long-running soap Strawberry Fields (which had lasted from 1995-2005, with 135 episodes!), and focused on two families: the long-suffering Jerry and Barbara Parsons and their sons Oliver and Hugo who live in a rustic house with a large garden, and Jerry’s sister Magenta’s family, the Higgins, who arrive unexpectedly and pitch their caravan in the garden.

  Much of the drama and chaos came from the contrast in the two families; Magenta’s “chavette” daughter Affy (complete with peroxide blonde wig and pink tracksuit) chased after every man she spotted, as in fact did her wimpy brother Jamie!

  Eleven episodes across two seasons of The Parsons were produced.

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