It can now be confirmed that a brand new regular series is soon to commence production under the Beacon Audio Serials banner. The Phipps Files will be a spin-off from Stephen Brown and focuses on SB’s older brother Phipps Brown who featured in several stories from the series
between 1989 and 2014. The show has been devised by Stephen
Launay, Simon Sansbury and Daniel Cook following several meeting between the trio since the start of the year, and Steve and Simon are both near to completing scripts for the opening two stories. Launching the show will be Fond Farewell, a three-part story by Simon which introduces the audience to guest starring characters alongside his own role of Phipps. These include Leatrice, a former retired partner of Phipps’ law firm, and her wayward nephew Kadoc. Steve is near to the finish of writing his own three-part story, Koloniestraft, which sees Phipps visit a penal colony. Dan has spent time outlining the science behind the solar system Beta Mafu which is home to SB’s home planet Rubart and its neighbouring planets Tiberius and Valva, which appeared in the 2004 story The Enemy Within. The series will depict the imbalance between the luxury of Rubart and the harsh atmospheres and regimes of its neighbours. It is planned that audio taping on the new show will take place later in May 2019, with many roles promised for Beacon members. No rehearsal is required, nor costumes or
props, and members will find this a nice change from the pressures of filming. Simon has been rather busy in other pursuits to keep a full grip on Beacon Audio Serials, but new podcasts plus audio short dramas Hampshire Forever and Waves are near to being completed. These will all be uploaded to Beacon’s Sound Cloud site soon, along with S.O.S., an SB audio story that was recorded over twenty years ago!

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