Pre-production work on the third season of 80 Degrees got underway in late September, although Simon Sansbury and Stephen Launay’s planned workshops to help would-be writers collapsed due to very poor support.

Just Tom Rawlings (pictured) attended the first workshop, held on 23 September, and with the two potential attendees unable to make the following workshop at the last minute, this was cancelled. Stephen and Simon are now looking outside of the club to other writer clubs. If you are reading this and have an interest in getting involved with script writing, do send the club an email!

Some storylines for the third season of 80 Degrees were organised however. Tom has already submitted a synopsis for one story, and has ideas for a second, whilst Stephen has also put forward a completed synopsis. The objective is to have eight scripts ready for production by the end of the year, with filming tentatively scheduled to start in February 2019. The new series will see the cafe change location to a country train station, with the waiting area being the main focus. A rough set plan has been devised.

Meanwhile, Simon is pushing forward with Beacon Audio Serials, with two efforts due to be recorded on 28 October. Paula Cartwright and Sarah Miatt are also on board with this project.

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